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SC Web Services AS is a agency that focuses on your success as a whole. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, our Web Design service helps you to reach your goals.

We simplify the goals, the technical settings, to help you to understand what we do for you.

With WordPress tool and plugins, web hosting, domains that we use to work with, you are sure to understand what you invest in. 

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OUR web design SERVICE

What we do



A good website name helps people, and Google, to understand who you are, what you sell or inform about. Let's check what is available with your country-code .no or .com etc.


Web hosting

Domains goes with Web hosting. Depending what you want to show in your website, how many media and plugins you hav, plus how many visitors you expect , we tailor made the european/norwegian web hosting solution which suits the best.


WordPress Template

To be responsive and visible with a good architecture, style, and customer experience, we select together the best template, the best design for your new web design. Once it is chosen, we build it at your own vision.


All-in-one webdesign with texts

Our Web Design solutions come with 11 standard pages who are useful for Customers and Google requests. Those are: Homepage, FAQ, Contact, Terms & Conditions, RGPD, Blog/news +3posts, Partner +2posts. Our plus is that we are able to write for you the content in order to respect SEO rules. Give us your vision and offers, we do the job.

Web Design Plans

Flexible Pricing Web Design Plans for a new website

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy that’s just right for you. Depending how many services you provide, choose the right plan or ask for a specific quote.

50% of our customers don’t use it and need a special solution. As we are flexible, it is not a problem!


Kr 9000.-

For 3/5 services

  • Kr. 529-/page (17)
Choose Plane

Kr 10500.-

For 10 services max.

  • Kr. 477-/page (22)
Choose Plane

Kr 13500.-

For 20 services max.

  • Kr. 422-/page (32)
Choose Plane

What are included?

All-in-One Plans contains

  • Domain & Web hosting : 1 year
  • Template & WordPress setup
  • Google Analytics & Console
  • Web design & SEO edition
  • No long term contracts
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    How to Save Money?

    All-in-One Plans contains

    Save until 30% of the plan for a delivery without any text.
    You are free to create your own commercial texts.


    Web Design Options

    SEO Optimization

    If you do your own text, we can optimize them to be more visible on Google.


    We can only write down post(s) on monthly basis to update your website and to work on special keywords.

    Meeting with partner at SC Web Services AS

    Social Media

    We can open and setup them for you. After we can share blog posts or create new ones every month.

    Multi Languages

    For 1 foreign language to 3, our tool is perfect to translate automatically but also to let you correct special idiomatic words or expressions.

    Speed Page

    We can compress pictures, and minify JS and CSS to upgrade your speed page. It helps to rank better on Google and optimize customer experiences.

    Ready for a new Web Design. Let's start now with a quote!